Disability and Wheelchair Buying Guide 2017

Starting or returning to work may seem daunting but there are people and services that can help you to achieve this goal. When you decide to go back to work you need to think about what work means to you. If you spend most of the day doing something, like working, it becomes important to you. For this reason, you will want to look for a job that interests you. You will also need to consider what you need to think about before going back to work. If you plan carefully, you will find returning to work or starting a new job is something you can do.

You have recently got a disability and might be asking yourself:

  • Can you return to work?
  • Or, if you have not worked before acquiring your disability, you might be wondering if you will be able to work?

Now that you are finishing rehabilitation and are thinking about starting work, or going back to work, you might need to retrain or get more skills. Although what you do is up to you, there are people who will be able to offer you suggestions and help you to find your way to get the training that suits you. Before you talk to people to get help, there are some questions you can ask yourself to make it easier to decide what type of training or study is right for you.

As going through rehabilitation can take a fair amount of time, you are likely to meet people with whom you have things in common. By talking with these people and hearing what they are thinking, you might find something you want to do. Your ideas, about what you CAN do, might also be changed by hearing other people’s ideas. Talking to other people is a great way to get things clear in your mind. It can also help you decide what you want to do with your life.

Family and friends, who you have known for years, can also help you to decide if, or what, course of training and new learning you might take. Although they may not know how to go about finding which course is best for you, family do know you. They know if the thought of sitting at a desk answering a telephone would bore you. If this is the case, the Office Skills or Receptionist courses are not for you.

But they may also know that you like talking to people, thinking about ideas and writing things down. Therefore, you might take a course or get a degree that would allow you to do this type of work. One of the best things family can help you with is in choosing “how” you study because they have known you through school, and other learning activities. If they suggest that “you never finish anything if working alone”, it could be a hint that external studies are not for you.

If this is so, you might be better off studying where you can interact with other students. But family and friends can also offer practical help. Let’s say you know a teacher. This person could offer study advice or look over your assignments. Or, you might know a computer whiz who can help you get the best out of a computer. Most of all, it is good to talk to family and friends when you need to sort things out.

Special equipment like wheelchair

Most universities and TAFEs have special computer hardware and software to enable you to use this technology more easily and to improve your access to learning materials. Some universities also have equipment and aids, such as tape recorders, back rests and sloping desk tops for you to borrow during the semester. You might also be able to borrow an electric scooter or wheelchair if you are having difficulty moving around university.

If you have permanent disability and it is not possible for you to walk without support, then you may need a good wheelchair that will help you from moving one place to another without any support from others. There are many types of wheelchairs available on the market today like manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and lightweight chairs. Depending upon your need, You can choose the best wheelchair of 2017 that will help you in your mobility. We will be discussing in details about how you can choose a wheelchair later in this article.

Manual wheelchair UKWorkplace Modifications
Once you have decided which type of study you would like to do, you might find it useful to inform yourself of your rights regarding access and changes to the study environment. It would also be useful if you were familiar with the roles and responsibilities of TAFE, university, Open Learning Australia, the Open Learning Institute and others, in relation to people with disabilities undertaking study.

You could ask TAFE, university, Open Learning Australia, the Open Learning Institute and others to make “reasonable” adjustments to the place of study to make it accessible or to enable you to do your study. This could include:

  • changing the arrangement of furniture to make the place accessible
  • providing some equipment or computer software, such as a telephone
  • changing the door ways or door openings

Wheelchairs for disabled

A wheelchair is a chair fitted with wheels. With such a wide variety of power wheelchairs available online it may seem overwhelming or difficult finding the most suitable electric wheelchair for someone with serious injuries or disabilities. For persons with disabilities, assistive devices ensure personal mobility, communication and often mean the difference between a life of seclusion and a life of activity. The device comes in variations allowing either manual propulsion by the seated occupant turning the rear wheels by hand, or electric propulsion by motors. Of course certain power chairs apply to certain people so depending on your weight, and intended use the selection of handicap power chairs you want to choose from may vary.

To ensure the best possible outcomes for persons with disabilities, a comprehensive habilitation and rehabilitation programme that includes the availability of aids and appliances as per the choice and requirement of the individual is essential. There are often handles behind the seat to allow for different individuals to push. Today I will help you understand in better detail what it is a user with serious injuries or disabilities should consider when purchasing their very own handicap power chair. Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness, injury, or disability. People who have difficulty sitting and walking often make use of a wheelbench.

Buying a wheelchair in UK

Lightweight wheelchair 2017Before you purchase any manual wheelchair, keep in mind to consult an Occupational or Physical Therapist. Most wheelchairs fold upwards by pulling up on the seat. Because people, their abilities and their needs are so different there are many possible combinations between people and mobility equipment. For those using a wheelchair independently then a self-propelled wheelchair will be suitable as they can be pushed manually by the user. You can ask for suggestions on the type of manual wheelchair or particular features that can make it easier for you to carry out daily activities – at work or at home.

  • This operates a scissor action folding mechanism, pulling the wheels together.
  • That’s part of the challenge… figuring out which kind of wheelchair or seating system is best for each person.
  • A transit wheelchair on the other hand, which will have smaller wheels, will be appropriate if the wheelchair will be pushed by an attendant.
  • The ultralight wheelchairs frames can be made either from Aluminum or Titanium.
  • Dependent on the specific type of wheelchair, a range of parts may also be detachable such as the footrest, arms and wheels.

For many consumers, there is even another person who figures into these decisions. These wheelchairs are great for those going out for the day in the car, or perhaps for someone who can’t walk as far as they once could, but maybe don’t need to be in a wheelchair all the time. A standard manual wheelchair is one of the most basic types of wheelchairs. Typically the footrests have a quick release lever for easy removal. If a spouse or child or family member will be assisting the person using the wheelchair their needs may need to be considered in the wheelchair selection decision too.

The first thing to ascertain, is the mobile capacity of the wheelchair user. It comes with four sets of wheels, the ones in the front being small and the ones at the back being larger. It may also be possible to fold down the back to half the normal height. If the wheelchair user is out and about a lot, then in some cases a heavier wheelchair may be a better choice. Will they be able to get in and out of the wheelchair unassisted?

The larger wheels enable the user to push the chair themselves. Once all these part are removed, the wheelchair can normally be stored quite easily. A lightweight wheelchair is easier to manoeuvre, carry and easier to pick up for stowing away in a car boot. Are they able to use a self-propelled wheelchair? This type of wheelchair is very easy to use during travel as it is fully collapsible. There are attendant-propelled and self-propelled models. A standard wheelchair can carry up to approximately 18 stone (135Kg). If the wheelchair user needs a stronger or heavy duty wheelchair then a Bariatric wheelchair may be the best solution, suiting users up to 70 stone (440Kg) and more.

Do they have reduced posture control that requires a supportive seat? The Ergo range is particularly popular as the chairs are both lightweight and comfortable. Having a solid understanding of your, or the wheelchair user’s need will enable you to filter the wide range of options into a select few wheelchairs that are ideal for you. They also offer a chair with tilt-in-space facility which can be folded. We are also stockists for Van Os whose chairs are multi-adjustable. Again, there are attendant-propelled and self-propelled models.

Power wheelchair vs Manual wheelchair

power wheelchairThe time has come to decide on a wheelchair. If you are in a manual wheelchair, then you have undoubtedly seen the advantages that it can offer you in your daily life over a power chair. If you have good upper body strength, a manual wheelchair will be ideal for you because you will find propelling yourself easy and be able to maintain your strength. one drawback of long term manual wheelchair use is repetitive stress injuries of the shoulder. Whether you or a loved one has had a fall recently, or are acting based on the advice of a physician, using a wheelchair to get around is now a necessity.

  • Some of the benefits of a manually-propelled chair when compared to its joystick-controlled counterpart.
  • You’ll need to be sure about this though because you will have to rely on your own muscles to get you around all the time, unless you will have someone on hand to push you.
  • Clients who otherwise could continue using a manual wheelchair may have to switch over to power solely because their shoulders are so deteriorated.
  • But which is the best option?
  • Ideally, you need a manual wheelchair with power assistance that requires much less effort to push, as this would still keep the advantages of a manual chair while reducing its long-term health risks.

Chairs that can be disassembled or folded will be easier to load onto a bus, car or taxi than those that do not. Proper set-up of the manual wheelchair and propulsion training can decrease risk of future damage. There are manual wheelchairs, propelled by the user or pushed by a caretaker. With your input, a therapist will help you determine if you have the strength to propel a manual chair, how much strain that will place on various parts of your body, and whether it is a good idea long term. Some power chairs require some extra effort or equipment to disassemble, but may be a fair compromise to someone who values both independent mobility and portability.

These chairs are great for comfort. But there are also electric power wheelchairs that don’t require any assistance from others or physical strength to get around. Often, if you can self-propel now, it is a good idea to continue to do so to maintain core strength and remain active. Also, if you need to do a weight shift to avoid pressure sores you simply have to push a button and your chair tilts back which is also great if you just want to recline to relax or take a nap. This may seem like a silly way of putting it, but think about it: how much more work are your arms getting now? The more active you are, the healthier you will be. No matter how hard I’ll push I’m not going to catch you and you don’t exactly tire out from pushing a joystick. You’re relying on them much more frequently, and with a manual wheelchair, you’ll be relying on them all the time. So unless you have someone constantly present to push you around, that’s something to consider.